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    Sacrificing taste for pretty people.

    Saturday brunch makes me feel mature.

    After having a nice girly mani/pedi morning, the girls decided to meet their mens for a late brunch at La Grande Orange in Santa Monica. How suburban. Service was pretty fantastic considering we all arrived at different times and didn’t put in our order until the last person arrived. Given the crowd that was growing by minutes, our waitress was patient. The table ordered 2 pitchers of sangria (white and red) and the red was far superior. The white tasted like concentrated grape juice (before you mix with water). Meh.

    I ordered the hash brown benedict with bacon. Basically its two poached eggs on top of two pieces of honey bacon on top of some potato hash. Lack of flavor. Lacked salt. Could have been from Denny’s. Some people ordered the burger + fries but had to put salt on the burger also. Fries were good. Also had a nibble of the brussels sprouts salad which was pretty tasty. Their ribeye steak was horrible. Not a hint of pink in sight even though we ordered it medium rare. Gross.

    In short, the food was awfully mediocre and bland but I do love the open space, the crowd (young and pretty), the location and the red sangria. A-OK. Although I would not be coming back unless invited, I would see how this would be a great place to grab a casual brunch with work folks or casual friends. And besides…… the food was fairly reasonably priced (hash brown benedict was $8) albeit flavorless..

    Just avoid the 18 dollar ribeye (steak + eggs).

    La Grande Orange

    2000 N Main St
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    (310) 396-9145
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