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    When given a choice, I always choose Italian.

    One of the biggest advantages of eating alone is that you can try out a restaurant before bringing a date or your family. 

    [Don’t you hate randomly trying a restaurant and it’s totally bad and everyone politely tells you  to never choose a restaurant again?]

    Anyway, westsider Kevin C. says that this is his favorite Italian place on the westside so I trust him because I slept with him. Just kidding. I mean, he’s given me great recommendations and he has superb taste.

    He had already told me to get the polenta and the risotto and that’s exactly what I got. See fellas? I take direction so well. So compliant. I ordered with such confidence that my waiter was like, “Are you a regular?” Heh.

    I asked for a wine recommendation and the wiater brought out a Savouign Blanc and a Chardonnay for me to taste. Truthfully I can’t really taste the difference between wines so I went with the stronger one cuz I want my buzz to hit faster [is that how wine works?]

    The food came out as a slow leisurely pace. My bread came out fresh and hot and tasted great with the oil/vineager mixture at the table. For those of you that have never had polenta [well.. I haven’t until last night], it’s like ummm.grits in a patty form. Mmmm. Grits. This polenta was light, fluffy, and went so well with the rich mushroom sauce. O M G. It was really plentiful as I was full after devoring the whole dish. Drats. I shoulda saved room for the risotto. Ick. Maybe I should stop eating the bread. But it’s soooo good. I feel like a bread monster.

    My lemon shrimp risotto came a good 15 minutes later and by that time, I was hungry again. Served with whole juicy shrimp, the dish was surprisingly light for risotto. The lemon taste was a little strong but it went well with more black pepper. The portions are generous and I had plenty to take home.

    Service albeit a bit slow was kind and observant. I never went without water [or wine for that matter] and he was so nice to give me a dessert wine shot thingy.

    It’s a cute little spot. Very romantic and dark. I was able to take my time and enjoy my book without feeling rushed.   

    OH! But funny story, actually not funny. Someone got attacked right outside the restaurant when I was eating. Like beat with a flashlight by a homeless guy! Slow down West LA.


    Cucina Paradiso 

    3387 Motor Ave 
    Los Angeles, CA 90034 
    (310) 839-2500

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